Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Family Man: Episode 1 - Fresh breath of air

This was a series for which I was waiting since its trailer came out on social media. Manoj Bajpai is one of the finest actors we have and I don't know why he was missing from the scene since quite some time. But I can comfortably say that he is back now and with the big bang.

A very important characteristic of a good series or movie is that most of the characters in it should be strong and it should have stories into the main story. Same is true with this series. Even the character of kids is very good and they leave an impression from the very first episode.

The topic is more relevant, more interesting and more meaningful than the other popular web series that we have seen in the past on these platforms.

I can't wait to continue watching it but really want to share my thought after each episode!!  

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Aa raha hoon bhen****, g***d mein ghus jao insaan ke!! 
This made me laugh out so loud... before this moment in the episode, the character of Manoj Bajpai was so mannered and innocent. 

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