Sunday, October 4, 2015

Review : Quantico : Season 1 Episode 1 - Run

Looking at the first episode, what can be said is that the show Quantico cannot be rejected at the first sight. That means two things, first, the show is above average and second, it does not have a WOW factor. (The show is being aired on +Star World  in India.)

Those who like these kind of plots will not be disappointed but if you are coming from a background of the 9 seasons of 24, you will definitely keep wanting more out of this one.

Image Courtesy : IMDB

The plot could have been better, it felt like too many things were happening in quite less time and when that happens, there is a loss of substance. The beginning episodes must build up the series even if they are a bit less pacy, but at the same time there has to be something which can give you satisfaction of watching a 40 odd minutes episode. Neither happens here perfectly.

The acting of the lead actress and the other characters is good. It's a big one for  +Priyanka Chopra and so far she does impress. Let's see how does the series go in the next episodes.